Consult Autism consults and advocates for
people with Autism and their families. We
provide in house training for ABA programs for
parents, therapists, schools, and aides. We
provide behavior consultation and intervention
programs. Our support includes workshops,
resources, IEP attendance, advocacy,
educational materials, and program materials.
Hidden Curriculum-
Consult Autism has a developed program of hidden
curriculum. This is a school based program teaching
social, nonverbal, and peer relation skills to
students through indirect teaching. It is a student
based model which find interest based activities to
apply the skill.
Interested In Being A Therapist:
Being a therapist is a rewarding opportunity. Many families are
always looking for additional therapists to join their program. If
interested please contact Consult Autism.
No experience
Consult Autism INC
We provide nationwide and international services
We provide consultation and training for school districts
Call or email to speak with a consultant